The Long List The Long List: June 24–30 ( Jun 24, 2021 )

Thursday, June 24

Openings and Events in Beverly Hills

Nancy Rubins: Fluid Space and Frank Gehry: Spinning Tales, Gagosian, through August 6.

Openings and Events in Hollywood

Ernest Withers: I’ll Take You There, Fahey/Klein Gallery, through July 31.

Openings and Events Downtown

Kelsey Grina: SFUMATA, Studio 347, 5–10pm.

The Other Art Fair Los Angeles, THE ROW DTLA, through June 27.

Openings and Events Online

Assembling/Reassembling (Why books NOW?), Now Be Here, 1pm.

The Duke is Tops, UCLA, 4pm.

Sea Change/Sound Kitchen, 18th Street Arts Center, 5pm.

Introducing Julie Perlin Lee, Laguna Art Museum, 6pm.

God’s Suicide by Harmony Holiday, Hammer Museum, 7pm.

Friday, June 25

Openings and Events in Beverly Hills

Beyond the Looking Glass, UTA Artist Space, 5–8pm. Through July 31.

Openings and Events in West Hollywood

Leo Mock: Who cares that it makes flowers, M+B, through July 10.

Openings and Events Downtown

I Like LA and LA Likes Me: Joseph Beuys at 100, Track 16, through September 12.

Openings and Events Downtown

POST-PROCESS, POST-MATERIALS, 515, 5–9pm. Through July 24.

Openings and Events in MacArthur Park

Nora Schultz: o-ton & the o-ton, O-Town House, through July 25.

Openings and Events in Chinatown

Neon Night Walks - Chinatown Lights, various locations, $25.

Openings and Events Online

LAMAGPlay: This is My Story, LAMAG, 1pm.

In Conversation with Author Lynell George, Los Angeles Public Library, 4pm.

Queer Zines 2.0 with Ellie Cota, ESMoA, 6pm.

Breathing Free Film Screening & Artist Q&A, Levitt LA, 7pm.

Saturday, June 26

Openings and Events in Santa Monica

Laure Mary-Couégnias: Escape Lane and John Greenwood: I've Got a Massive Subconscious, Richard Heller Gallery, through July 24.

Openings and Events in Venice

Iris Project Residency Open Studio: Jenene Nagy & Joshua West Smith, Iris Project, 2–5pm.

Openings and Events in West Hollywood

REWILDING, OUT OF THE WOODS, Thomas Wachholz | David Renggli, IMI KNOEBEL: 1000 Hasen, and PETER BONDE: Mirror Man, Nino Mier Gallery, through July 31.

Home Fires Burning .., PHIL, through August 31.

Openings and Events in Hollywood

The Talking Stone, Moskowitz Bayse, 6–8pm. Through August 1.

Openings and Events in Mid-City

Rakeem Cunningham: Hero, Ochi Projects, 4–7pm. Through August 7.

Robert Lazzarini: Rated R for violence, Lowell Ryan Projects, 5–8pm. Through August 14.

Openings and Events Downtown

Kori Newkirk: SONIC SURVIVAL STRATEGIES VOL. 90013, Transformative Arts, 1–5pm.

Authors Night with DR. MICHAEL DATCHER & NOEL ALUMIT, Grand Annex, 7:30pm.

Cindy Ji Hye Kim: Soliloquy for Two and Em Kettner: Slow Poke, François Ghebaly, 3–6pm. Through July 24.

Michael Dotson: Floaters and Thomas Linder: Strangers, Over the Influence, through August 1.

Kandis Williams: Eurydice and JPW3: Root-Bound, Night Gallery, through August 7.

20 Years: Anniversary Exhibition Part 2, Vielmetter Los Angeles, through August 7.

Rosy Keyser : ARP 273, Parrasch Heijnen, 6–8pm. Through August 7.

SUSAN SILTON: WE, CARLSON HATTON: Take a moment to think of a relaxing location or situation, this could be a memory or something made up, and LIA HALLORAN: The Sun Burns My Eyes Like Moons and, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, 3–6pm. Through August 14.

Openings and Events in Chinatown

Clockshop and Oxy Arts: Karla Vasquez: SalviSoul Writing Workshop, LA State Historic Park, 11am–1pm.

Openings and Events in Highland Park


Openings and Events Online

HOMEplxce Healing Vortex: Juneteenth Pride Concert, Levitt LA, 12pm.

LAMAGLearn: Van Talk, LAMAG, 1pm.

Parable of the Sower Graphic Novel Creators, Los Angeles Public Library, 4pm.

The Art of Family in “La Veinte”: A Conversation about Hidden Santa Monica Histories, 18th Street Arts Center, 5pm.

Milka LoLo: THE WALK HOME and Perro y Arena: LOS GUARDIANES DE LA BAJA, Cactus Gallery, 3pm.

Sunday, June 27

Openings and Events on Miracle Mile

In-Person Artist Walkthrough, TAG Gallery, 3–4:30pm.

Openings and Events Downtown



Openings and Events Beyond Los Angeles

Matthew Rolston, Art People: The Pageant Portraits, Laguna Art Museum (Laguna Beach), through September 19.

Openings and Events Online

Psychic Self-Defense: Ritual Practices for Healthy Energetic Boundaries in Home and Body: Amanda Yates Garcia, Pieter, 5–7pm.

Neon Night Walks: Jewish Lights Over Broadway, Museum of Neon Art, $25.

Monday, June 28

Openings and Events Beyond Los Angeles

THAT 70s SHOW: SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER II, JoAnne Artman Gallery, through August 28.

Openings and Events Online

Mercedes Dorame: Tovaangar Story Portal Podcast, LACMA, 10am.

Tuesday, June 29

Openings and Events in Brentwood

Mario Giacomelli: Figure/Ground, Mario Giacomelli: Figure/Ground, and Mario Giacomelli: Figure/Ground, Getty Center, through October 10.

Openings and Events Online

CEC Webinar Series: Climate and Culture - Using Art to Inspire Activism & Change, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, 12pm.

Pronoun Power, a conversational group for Friends and Allies, ESMoA, 5:30pm.

Lost & Found at the Movies: Los Angeles, Symphonies of a City, ALOUD a program of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, 6pm.

Jack Skelley, David Trinidad & Tosh Berman, Hammer Museum, 7pm.

Wednesday, June 30

Openings and Events Online

Rainbow Visions Prismatic Beings with Edgar Fabian Frias, ESMoA, 6pm.

The Fire Theory: Double Feature, LACE, through July 7.

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